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OpenInteract2::Manual::Changes - Significant changes to OpenInteract2


Each package maintains its own changelog. These changes are not mentioned here except to note the package version changes with successive OI2 releases.

1.99_03, 8 September 2003

Major Changes

Minor Changes


Bump up required version for File::DirSync since it has new feature.

Add Test::MockObject as requirement.


Use the version() from the context rather than hardcoding it ourselves. (old...)

Move most of the functionality from script/oi2_daemon here so we can access it from other places too (like tests).


Rename a number of methods to give them a 'protected' veneer: check_task_validity(), find_task(), find_task_method() become _check_task_validity(), _find_task(), _find_task_method(), respectively.

Add factory_log() and factory_error() to capture messages from Class::Factory and redirect to our logger

Add overridable init_at_startup() and documentation with example.


Blew up because wrong method called, how embarrassing. Works now.


Always pass search_criteria to template to be nice, add warning about the format of the fieldnames.


Reflect parent change of find_task() to _find_task().


Make an object rather than using class methods. The various information that we passed around is now in the auth object, and this object is passed to any custom handlers you may have defined as well.

Port change from 1.x allowing users to configure the website not to accept users who aren't logged in.


Modify to use information from auth object rather than having it passed in.


Modify to use information from auth object rather than having it passed in.


Modify to use information from auth object rather than having it passed in.


Add factory_log() and factory_error() to capture messages from Class::Factory and redirect to our logger

In translate_dirs() ensure that 'dir.website' doesn't have a trailing slash.


After object initialized remove trailing '/' from all set directories.


Add class to handle SPOPS and Action configuration initialization duties. The class is observable so you can add custom behavior. (See docs for details and how this hooks into packages.)

Note that the use of 'TASK_EDIT' in the 'display' key of SPOPS objects will only result in the 'url_edit' key being populated from a call to 'object_configuration()' on an SPOPS object if you're using SPOPS >= 0.79. It doesn't do any harm otherwise, you just won't get the right URLs...


Add 'config_watcher' property


Add can_write shortcut so we don't have to use 'tmp_security_level' anymore...


Add factory_log() and factory_error() to capture messages from Class::Factory and redirect to our logger


Create lookup_session_config() rather than having outsiders root around server config. In the same vein add 'lookup_default_action_info', 'default_action_id', 'lookup_default_datasource_name', lookup_system_datasource_name', 'lookup_default_ldap_datasource_name', 'lookup_directory', 'lookup_temp_lib_directory'.

Rename 'datasource_config' -> 'lookup_datasource_config'

Add docs for filter shortcut methods

Remove alias() and replace with lookup_class(). This means that:


and similar calls (based on the names in the 'system_alias' server configuration key, now replaced by 'system_class') will no longer work and you must use:

 CTX->lookup_class( 'template' )

instead. This wasn't used terribly often and all uses in OI2 and packages have been replaced.

This change also entailed modifying the setup so that the alias building features weren't called, and removing the corresponding OI2::Setup call (see below).

Remove global_attribute() -- feature without a purpose.


Modify the API quite a bit. Some is just renaming (e.g., 'brief_description()' is now 'get_brief_description()') but other bits are much more substantial. Just read OpenInteract2::Manual::Management for how things work now.

No tasks are hardcoded in this class (or the OpenInteract2::Manage::Package or OpenInteract2::Manage::Website abstract subclasses). Instead we find all classes from @INC under the OpenInteract2::Manage namespace (including subnamespaces) and require them. This means all you need to do to create a new task is put it under the right package and register yourself with the main management class and you're good to go.

Add factory_log() and factory_error() to capture messages from Class::Factory and redirect to our logger


Update to use new feature in File::DirSync so we can return on request information about what got synchronized.


Add new task to delete old and empty sessions. Replaces script from 'base' package.


Add new task to batch create security for SPOPS objects. Replaces script from 'base_security' package.


After package is installed add notification to refresh the temp lib dir if necessary.

Do explicit check to see if this package name/version already installed, and if so don't fail but generate a message indicating that the install wasn't performed.


Add new task to reindex (or initially index) SPOPS objects. Replaces script from 'full_text' package.


Add instructions for initializing iAnywhere ASA, thanks to Greg Fenton for writing them up.


Fix errors in request process pointed out by Greg Fenton.

Add discussion of how OI implements MVC (or really, how it implements separation of concerns and the pieces of OI that map to the letters in MVC...)


Add content, reflects fully the recent API changes.


Fix errors and inconsistencies and make clarifications throughout document, thanks to Greg Fenton for detailed report.


Add discussion of multiple content generators with the same code, declaring 'template_source' in an action to enable this, and similar matters.


Write the thing. It's really big, read it now!


Add placeholder for tutorial on advanced OI functionality.


Add little 'parse_full_name()' class method to complement 'full_name' object method.

Modify check() for templates -- it was succeeding even though the template file didn't exist.

On install() be sure to translate the package filename into an absolute one, otherwise we eventually lose track.

Fix for reading package from file -- directory wasn't being set correctly.


Add internal methods to maintain a cache of packages rather than refetch them on every 'fetch_package()'. This may come back to bite us in the future because there's no synchronization going on...


Add 'action_errors' and 'add_action_errors()', plus docs.

Add 'get_implementation_type'


Add 'get_implementation_type'

Rename _set_url() to assign_request_url() so other modules can call; rename call in subclasses as well.


Add factory_log() and factory_error() to capture messages from Class::Factory and redirect to our logger

Add factory_log() and factory_error() to capture messages from Class::Factory and redirect to our logger


Use methods instead of object hash references. Another notch for Class::Accessor...


Renamed this and all subclasses from OI2::Session* to reflect that we're not session objects, we're managing session objects.


Move all initialization methods for action config and calls to the datasource-specific initializer to OpenInteract2::Config::Initializer so that users can add custom behaviors.

Document create_temp_lib call better, explaining our intentions.

Remove build_aliases and documentation for it. (No longer needed, see OI2::Context change docs.)


Fix bug resulting from evaluating $spops_obj->id in list context that was fixed in 1.x but didn't get replicated. Thanks to damien leri (again!) for pointing it out.

Move all configuration initialization modification routines into OpenInteract2::Config::Initializer.

All object key methods now use the 'system' datasource name rather than relying on the object that was being keyed.


Move all configuration initialization modification routines into OpenInteract2::Config::Initializer.


Move all configuration initialization modification routines into OpenInteract2::Config::Initializer.


Modify some server config retrievals into method calls on the context. (Data hiding, what's that?)


Add 'config_watcher' section. Allows us to declare SPOPS/action configuration initialization observers.

Add 'datasource_config.ldap' for the default LDAP datasource

Add 'required', 'required_url' and 'required_skip' to 'login'

Add 'use_meta_redirect' and 'use_header_redirect' to 'display_info'

Rename 'system_alias' section to 'system_class', remove a number of items from it and rename some others.


Store the PID file in the directory from where the configuration file is read. (Thanks to Greg Fenton for suggestion.)

Move most functionality to HTTP::OpenInteract2::Daemon so we can run it outside the script.


Add lots of stub tests to be filled in shortly -- honest! Also created a TODO listing of tests to create.


NOTE: Skipped this release to sync up the beta number with the extra dev number.

1.99_01, 3 July 2003

Major Changes

Minor changes

Too many small fixes and improvements to note, sorry. As we stabilize to 2.0 this will get explicit.

Broken stuff

Full text searching doesn't seem to work. A number of other actions have not been fully tested by hand, much less in an automated fashion.

Also, tests for other areas of the system are lagging.

1.99_00, 10 June 2003

This is the first BETA release. DO NOT run production systems on it.


Since OpenInteract 2.x uses a separate namespace than OpenInteract 1.x (OpenInteract2 vs. OpenInteract), you should have no problems installing this on a machine with OpenInteract 1.x.

There is currently no automated way to upgrade the server configuration or everything about a custom package. (You can translate the conf/action.perl and conf/spops.perl into the new INI format -- see scripts in script/.) In addition, a number of core packages have upgraded schemas so you can't simply dump your table and reload it.

Before 2.0 final is released there should be tools to:

Major Changes

These are the highlights. Many others are lurking under the covers.


An 'interface' refers to how OpenInteract2 interacts with the outside world. An interface consists of three parts:

Since most of the functionality is pushed down into the Request and Response subclasses, adapters are generally pretty simple. For instance, here's an example of the Adapter for Apache 1.x/mod_perl 1.x:

 package Apache::OpenInteract2;
 use strict;
 use OpenInteract2::Auth;
 use OpenInteract2::Request;
 use OpenInteract2::Response;
 sub handler($$) {
     my ( $class, $r ) = @_;
     my $response = OpenInteract2::Response->new({ apache => $r });
     my $request  = OpenInteract2::Request->new({ apache => $r });
     OpenInteract2::Auth->login( $r->pnotes( 'login_user' ) );
     my $controller = eval {
         OpenInteract2::Controller->new( $request, $response )
     if ( $@ ) {
         $response->content( $@ );
     else {
     return $response->status;


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Chris Winters <chris@cwinters.com>

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